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Welcome to Dublin Inclusive Drumcondra

Dublin Inclusive Hostel
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Why are we called Inclusive? Because we include any trip or requirement you might have if at all possible. We offer a class in making Irish Coffees and the traditional Dublin Coddle (look it up!)

We are unique, because we are a tiny hostel; we have only ten beds, two people to each room, either bunks or a double bed. Custom built. You have your own microwave; kettle, mini fridge and the use of a kitchen come sitting room with television and Wi-Fi in our beautiful unique bungalow. Key Deposit for Dublin Inclusive is €10.00.

If you want to do more than stay with us we can take you to our Dublin where real Dubliners go. We can bring you with us to the oldest hotel in Dublin where you will be regaled with stories of old, Irish dancing and traditional Irish music at a big open fire.

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